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Rebirth of a Body

Exhibition @ Governors Island

New York, 2024

07.06.24 - 07.27.24 


Argentina Performance Art, in collaboration with the New York Latin American Art Triennial (NYLAAT), presents Rebirth of a body, an exhibition that explores the performative narratives of Latin American and Caribbean women whose lives unfold at the intersection of migration. Curated by Natacha Voliakovsky, Founder & Director of APA, this exhibition seeks to portray the body of the migrant woman as a border in transit that carries its own cultural memory and resists erasure.


The show offers a complex vision of migration as a continuous process of loss, adaptation, and rebirth. A body in constant performative response but that is deeply connected to the factors of its original lands. Here, the body is both a marker of absence and a presence that resists erasure, continually redefining itself across borders and generations. Being born in a new territory creates a realm of new meanings for the body of a migrant woman, and this exhibition gives the opportunity to look at the passage of these bodies to form a collective memory that lives not in one, but in all of us.


The exhibition presents the works of: Yali Romagoza (Cuba / New York), Sujetka Val Terkes (Perú / New York), Patricia Encarnación (Dominican Republic / New York), Domenica Garcia (Ecuador / New York), Elisa Lutteral (Argentina / New York) and Damariz Damken (US-Mexico Border / New York). Through the spirit of their native culture, they explore the transformation of their bodies which take place through the process of belonging in a new territory, away from their native land.


The exhibition will take place at the NYLAAT House #18, Nolan Park, Governors Island, New York, from July 6th to July 28th, 2024. Opening hours are 2 PM-5 PM.


The show brings together 6 artists from various regions of Latin America, and will feature a total of 6 live performances, installations and video performances. The exhibition extends an invitation to anyone interested in performance and contemporary art.


Entrance is free, you can secure your tickets through the provided links below.

July 13th


Sujetka Val Terkes (Perú/NYC) Live 

Patricia Encarnación (Dominican Republic/NYC) Live 


Damariz Damken (US-Mexico Border/NYC) Live 

Elisa Lutteral (Argentina / New York) durational


Yali Romagoza (Cuba/NYC) Live 

Elisa Lutteral (Argentina / New York) durational


Doménica García (Ecuador/NYC) Live 

Elisa Lutteral (Argentina / New York) durational


Ancla 1

July 20th


July 27th


July 6th


Ancla Tickets

Featured artists

IMG_1340 (2).jpeg

Sujetka Val Terkes (Peru/New York) is a multidisciplinary artist who explores the relationship between the human body and the experience of language, emphasizing power dynamics and their implications. Through immersive engagement with performance and installation mediums, she creates tension-filled spaces where the concepts of 'gaze' and the perception of the body are examined in the context of repressive structures. Her investigations delve into issues such as the mistreatment of women, children, and the service industry, with the objective of challenging normalized behaviors in those spaces. Sujetka extends an invitation to viewers to reflect on their position in the social world and their complicity in everyday situations.


1. You´re Right, 2024. Installation

2. The Disenchantment, 2023. Live performance (July 6th)

3. The Disenchantment, 2023. Installation
4. The Disenchantment, 2023. Drawing

Patricia Encarnación (Dominican Republic / New York) Patricia Encarnación (she/they) is an Afro-Dominican interdisciplinary artist and scholar. Her work critically engages with colonial legacies across various socio-cultural layers within Afro-diasporic communities, focusing on the Caribbean, Latin America, and it’s diaspora. Through explorations of material culture, collective memory, and cultural identity, Encarnación challenges tropes of Caribbean and tropical aesthetics by recontextualizing everyday objects, landscapes, and aesthetics from her upbringing.


1. Tropical Limerence: My Hands, 2017. Video

2. Tropical Limerence: My Hands, 2024. Installation and live performance (July 6th)


Damariz Damken (US-Mexico Border / New York) is a multidisciplinary artivist born and raised on the US-Mexico border between McAllen, TX and Reynosa, Tamaulipas. Her work explores border imaginaries and identity to subvert border constructs as mechanisms of necropolitical violence and displacement that strip our humanity by subjecting bodies and collectives to the myth of ‘otherness’. Through rituals of mourning, purging, and meditation as healing practices, she navigates the psycho-geographic connections between memory, spirit, and the land to resignify trauma and reclaim la frontera (the border) as a sanctuary and ancestrally sacred territory in conversation with the open wounds of our past in coexistence with the present.


1. Puño de Tierra, 2019. Video performance

2. Llevame al río. Installation 

3. Llevame al río. Live performance  (July 13th)

Yali Romagoza (Cuba / New York) works at the intersection of performance, costume design, art history, and education, focusing on migration and the impact of cultural displacement on the female body. Her works have been included in Links Hall Theater, Teatro LATEA, Art in Odd Places, Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, The Immigrant Artist Biennial, Grace Exhibition Space, Satellite Art Show, and Abrons Art Center. She has been granted awards and residencies, including Cátedra Arte de Conducta by Tania Bruguera, Franklin Furnace, Queens Art Fund, and EFA Studio Program. Romagoza has a BA in Art History from the University of Havana and an MFA in Fashion from The School of the Art Institute.


1. Meditando en el Parque del Almendares: 23.800 días de TraumaInstallation

2. A cross to bear. Live performance (July 20th)

Profile Picture.jpg

Doménica García (Ecuador / New York) is an Ecuadorian multidisciplinary artist based in New York. Her work delves into a process of introspection, exploring the personal and discovering the universal. With the use of a hyperbolic language and the juxtaposition of the radical with the ordinary, she gives greater relevance to the day-to-day experience. García’s multimedia approach, particularly merging performance and digital art, allows her to manipulate the perception of reality, facilitating a fantastic and surreal experience within the rational world.


1. La Llorona, 2024. Photography

2: Mi cuerpo sana al ritmo de las olas, 2024. Installation/performance object

3. La Llorona, 2024. Durational live performance (July 20, 21 and 27th)

Elisa Lutteral (Argentina / New York) is an interdisciplinary artist whose work explores social constructs related to power dynamics concerning land, territories, and gender. Her recent work centers on large soft sculptures and installations, primarily employing textiles. Elisa has gradually incorporated the use of performance and film through performative objects. By examining how form constructs meaning, she explores historically transgressed boundaries and tensions through surfaces, skins, membranes, and contours.


1. The Braided Hands, 2023. Video performance 

2. Braided Hands, 2023. Installation

Portrait Elisa Lutteral.jpg

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