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South American 

Performance Art Cycle

New York City 2023

11.02.23  |  11.10.23  |  11.17.23 

South-American Performnace Art NY 2023-01.png

Argentina Performance Art, with the support of Teatro LATEA and Grace Exhibition Space, is curating a three-night program that aims to bring to life critical and essential South American issues through the power of performance art.


The cycle will emphasize the interrelated nature of Latin America and its diaspora, building a connection of narratives braided with strands of memory. The selected artists employ their bodies as vehicles of expression, addressing pivotal Pan-American concerns such as social inequality, gender, political turmoil, trauma, and more. The purpose is to emphasize the profound impact of performance art in preserving culture, resistance, and transformation.

South-American Performance Art will feature live performances by Arantxa Araujo (Mexico/NYC), Pancho Lopez (Mexico/NYC), Natacha Voliakovsky (Argentina/NYC), Salomé Egas (Ecuador/NYC), Anna Costa e Silva and Nina Terra (Brazil), Mana Bugallo (Argentina/NYC), Carolina Muñoz Awad (Chile), Domenica García (Ecuador/NYC) and Siri Gurudev (Colombia/Texas) and videos by Amapola Prada (Peru), Marta Minujín (Argentina) and Alfombra Roja (Peru).


The South-American Performance Art cycle will take place at two organizations in New York City: Teatro LATEA on November 2nd and Grace Exhibition Space on November 10th and November 17th.


This three-night program will unite artists from various regions of Latin America, featuring a total of 9 live performances and 3 video presentations. The cycle extends an invitation to anyone interested in performance and contemporary art.


Tickets are available for purchase through the provided links below.

Teatro LATEA













Pancho Lopez (Mexico/NYC) Live 

Arantxa Araujo (Mexico/NYC) Live 

Natacha Voliakovsky (Argentina/NYC) Live

Marta Minujín (Argentina) Video



Salomé Egas (Ecuador/NYC) Live 

Anna Costa e Silva and Nina Terra (Brasil) Live 

Mana Bugallo (Argentina/NYC) Live 

Amapola Prada (Peru) Video


Carolina Muñoz Awad (Chile) Live 

Domenica García (Ecuador) Live 

Siri Gurudev (Colombia/Texas) Live 

La Alfombra Roja (Peru) Video


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Featured artists

NOV 02 


Marta Minujín Avant-garde multimedia Argentine artist. Pop art pioneer. She stands out for her works with transpsychedelic frames, mattresses, happenings, performances and ephemeral works of mass participation, such as Obelisco de Pan Dulce, Torre de Babel, Éroticos en technicolor, Ágora de la Paz, La Menesunda y El Partenón de libros. She has participated in individual and collective exhibitions in museums, biennials, and collections around the world; her works are part of national and international collections: MoMA, Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Museo Reina Sofía, among others. She has been awarded numerous times: Lorenzo the Magnificent in Visual Arts (2015), Velázquez in Plastic Arts (2016), Excellence in Art from the Museo del Barrio (2018), Americas Society for Cultural Achievement (2018), National for Lifetime Achievement FNA (2019) and Doctor Honoris Causa (UTDT), Konex Brilliant Award (2022).

Pancho Lopez studied Communication Sciences at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of UNAM. For eleven years, served as the head of the Department of Performance and Contemporary Art at the University Museum of El Chopo. Lopez coordinated the International Performagia Encounter and the alternative fashion competition ".modales." Currently, they co-coordinate the Forma y Sustancia festival and serve as the director of EXTRA and EJECT, a video-performance festival in Mexico City. He has conducted performance workshops in various museums and universities in Mexico and abroad. Also, have received grants from the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Mexico City, FONCA's Coinvestment, PROCINE DF, PADID, PAPIAM-CENART, as well as from the Jumex Foundation, and the Patronato de Arte Contemporáneo (PAC). Recently published the book "Centroamérica en acción. Una aproximación al performance centroamericano y algunos de sus protagonistas" (Central America in Action).


17 Historias del cafeì 3.jpg

Arantxa Araujo is a queer Mexican artist with a neuroscience background, who creates transdisciplinary, feminist, and meditative works grounded in bio-behavioral research and technology. Employing multisensory experiences, Araujo aims to foster awareness, potentially igniting a virtuous chain reaction for social justice and personal growth. Her work has been featured at renowned institutions such as the Brooklyn Museum, Leslie-Lohman Museum, Grace Exhibition Space, and more. Araujo is a recipient of the Franklin Furnace Fund, grants from the Brooklyn Arts Council and Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, and has benefited from various residencies and fellowships, including the Leslie-Lohman Museum Artist Fellowship, Creative Capital Taller, ITP Camp, and EMERGENYC. She was awarded a full scholarship from the Mexican Government Institution CONACYT. She holds an MA in Motor Learning and Control from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a BA in Theater Studies from Emerson College.

Natacha Voliakovsky she/they practice takes place at the intersection of queer-rights, sudaca-feminism and the reclamation for the sovereignty of our own body as an extension of the public space towards social change. As a High-Testosterone Jewish woman, their work delves into the use of corporality to generate questions about liberation, reimagination, and shapeshifting of our world into a better one. Aiming towards physiological trauma healing, they explore reaching a state of autonomy within our bodies. She was selected at SU-CASA residency program of LMCC (NY, 2023), Take a Breath residency (NY, 2023), INVERSE (AR, 2021), Creative Capital Taller (NY, 2020) EMERGENYC (NYU, 2019), the intensive workshop in performance art at Venice International Performance Art Week (2018), Überbau Haus, Brazil residency (2017) and Sur Polar residency, Antarctica (2014), among others. She’s created NVMethod, a series of personal training techniques for performance art. As of 2018, she’s the Founder and current Director of Argentina Performance Art, the first research platform on performance art in Argentina.


Featured artists

NOV 10 

reflejo(2020)byWalter Wlodarczyk..jpeg

Salomé Egas is proudly Ecuadorian: an interdisciplinary artist, educator, and bilingual children’s book author. Egas is permanently questioning her identity through multiple mediums: dance, theater, film, and textile arts. She’s a 2023 NYC Women’s Fund Recipient and a “Narrative & Culture” Fellow at The Opportunity Agenda with her project “Más que un Pétalo.” In 2022, she was a Brooklyn Arts Council grantee and an American Immigration Council Fellow. Salomé incorporates radical self-love, joy, and indigenization as tools to empower the ancestral knowledge carried by immigrant and femme bodies of color. Her work and scholarship have been exhibited at Sotheby's Art Institute, CUNY Graduate Center, and Syracuse University. She performed in numerous stages across NYC and internationally in Ecuador, Venezuela, Cuba, Argentina, and Canada. Salomé's passion for social justice and community-building is evident through her participation in programs like Creative Capital's Latinx Workshop (2020), BAC's Theater of Change Program (2019), and EmergeNYC (2018). She holds a Master's from NYU (2018) and a Bachelor’s from Skidmore College (2014).

Nina Terra is a Brazilian artist-therapist who lives in the city of Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Psychologist, Art Therapist, graduated in dance technique by Angel Vianna, Yoga instructor, a specialist in Cooperation Pedagogy and Collaborative Methodologies. Creator of the Corpo Oráculo and DANCE-RITO practices. She has been singing for over 12 years in vocal groups and researching the relationship between body and voice in a state of flow. She provides individual consultations and facilitates experiences of expressiveness, connection, and creative expansion. Develops relational artistic performances and rituals relating the state of flow, body-voice, and the present moment. She directed movement and voice in the film Please Read So That I Rest In Peace by Anna Costa e Silva and Nanda Felix, participated in the online artistic residency EmergeNYc' 22, was part of the Indecencia exhibition at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art - NY curated by Nicolás Dumit Estevez Raful with the video performances Experimentos de Retorno and Tremor-Tentativa and won the Franklin Furnace Grant.

Anna Costa e Silva (Rio de Janeiro, 1988) works with constructed situations between people that challenge the limits between reality and fiction, self and other, experience and memory. Her projects happen in the intersections between visual, performing arts, and social practice and unfold in installations, films, or ephemeral situations. Anna has won awards such as FOCO ArtRio, the American Austrian Award for Fine Arts and was a PIPA prize nominee. In 2022, she was part of the Mercosul Biennial and winner of Terremoto Ubisoft artist residency and Franklin Furnace Grant. Her work has been shown at BienalSur (Buenos Aires), Art in Odd Places (NY),  Pivô, Centro Cultural Hélio Oiticica, Oi Futuro, A Gentil Carioca (Rio de Janeiro), Ruby Cruel (London) Contemporary Art Center (Vilnius) among others and is part of public collections such as Rio de Janeiro Museum of Art. She teaches ArtLife Practices at Parque Lage School of Visual Arts.



Mana Bugallo is an Argentinian performance poet, singer, and writer based in Bushwick. Her work combines poetry, satire, and music and is now focused on the individual and collective consequences of what we had been told is normal. She created and performed her last two shows called Dónde (Where) and El País de las Cosas while navigating the challenges of living far away from home. Mana has performed at poetry and comedy festivals, book fairs, and basements in the United States, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Uruguay, and Switzerland. She’s a founding member of the duo Boca de Buzón, with Paula Maffia, and the artistic collective Sucede. She was also among the first to organize poetry slams in Buenos Aires. Mana has lived in El País de las Cosas since 2018.

Amapola Prada lives and works in Lima, Peru. She is interested in researching the processes through which emotional states, impulses, and latent tensions of individuals within a collective can be expressed. Her primary source of information is the memories stored in the bodies, which symbolically and non-verbally harbor the sensory and subjective processing of everyday experiences. Her work has been presented at the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum (Madrid, Spain), San Francisco Art Institute (San Francisco, USA), Malta Festival (Poznań, Poland), Ken Nakahashi Gallery (Tokyo, Japan), Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, among others. She has collaborated with various artists in the creation of performances showcased at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Oaxaca (Oaxaca, Mexico), the PERFORMA 11 Biennial, and the Whitney Museum of American Art (New York, USA). Amapola received a Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art grant in 2008-09 and has undertaken artistic residencies at the Delfina Foundation (London, United Kingdom), Plataforma LODO (Buenos Aires, Argentina), the Peruvian North American Cultural Institute (Lima, Peru), as well as in other independent spaces. Her video work is part of the Kadist and Groupe Intervention Vidéo collections. She studied Social Psychology at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.

Amapola Prada - foto Gabriela Figueras.JPG

Featured artists

NOV 17 


Carolina Muñoz Awad is a multidisciplinary artist, born in Santiago, Chile, in 1993. She has a background in architecture and science, previous to her studies in Fine Arts at Parsons, New York, which she completed in 2022. Her practice focuses mainly on the questioning of her human body in space and what different environments and materials provoke. Carolina has used her own body as the main experimental subject since 2020 and has shown her installation and performance work in Santiago,New York, and Albany. She is interested in the raw perception through our senses and in the abstraction of improvised and instant reactions in the physical and emotional realm. Carolina's work interweaves English and Spanish language, as it deals with her presence in society; as a feminist, queer, migrant body–one that lives in a continent called America, and in a country that might never allow her to be called American.

Domenica García is an Ecuadorian multidisciplinary artist based in New York. Her work delves into a process of introspection, exploring the personal and discovering the universal. With the use of a hyperbolic language and the juxtaposition of the radical with the ordinary, she gives greater relevance to the day-to-day experience. García’s multimedia approach, particularly merging performance and digital art, allows her to manipulate the perception of reality, facilitating a fantastic and surreal experience within the rational world.

safer on camera blue.jpg

Siri Gurudev is a multidisciplinary artist, poet, scholar, and ritual maker from Bogotá, Colombia, occupied Muisca territory. siri explores the meaning of being incarnated in a "human" body via thought, performance art, and spiritual healing practices.

Alfombra Roja started in Peru as a fight for equality and non-discrimination. Is the symbol of an ongoing struggle for women's rights, and beyond its geographical borders, it has been taking place since July 2013 in Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Guatemala, Honduras, Spain, Switzerland, England, Australia, and the USA. We aim to  change the living conditions under which women, girls, and adolescents in situations of poverty in urban-marginal and rural areas are daily subjected.



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